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16/08/2013 10:48  24.-31.08.2013 Noorsoovahetus "We are Europe" Valgas, kus osalevad noored Itaaliast, Poolast, Belgiast, Soomest, Lätist ja Eestist.
The project "We are Europe" will take place in Action Program Action 1.1  in the 24th of August till 31th of August 2013 in Valga town, Estonia.  Main aims of the project will be understanding European Citizenship, breaking prejudices and stereotypes and creating atmosphere for intercultural dialogue.
The leading partner is NGO Öökull from Estonia, promotors are Stowarzyszenie Niebieskie Motyle from Poland, Lahti Municipality from Finland , Associazione di promozione sociale Jointfrom Italy, State police, Vidzeme region department from Latvia,  Wingerdbloei vzw from Belgium. Each group is represented by 6 youngsters 15-17 years old with less opportunities and 2 youth-workers. Total number of the participants is 36 youngsters and 12 youth-workers.
During our 8 days project we will organize different workshops, teamworks, orientations and creative activities
1. to increase young people's awareness of EU policies;
2. to raise young people's awareness of their rights, opportunities and responsibilities, developing the civic awareness;
3. increase young people's understanding and tolerance of each other's through active cooperation.

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