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Kui oled projektis osalemisest huvitatud, palun saada oma CV ja motivatsioonikiri hiljemalt 26.04.2014. Dokumentide esitamisega on kiire, sest projekt Makedoonias algab juba maikuu esimesel nädalal. Teenistuse-eelne koolitus on juba 27.04.2014 Tartus.

Projekti kirjeldus:
Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) would like to apply with an EVS project under the framework of year of European Citizenship.
Time: 1.05.-31.12.2014
Short Summary of the project:
The project will aim to
• explore and exchange practices in the field of youth work development
• support processes of youth initiatives and inclusion of youngsters from marginalised communities
The activities will focus more specifically on the following aspects:
- With regards to the local communities involved:
• To support the development of spirit of European Citizenship on local level
• To develop tools and practices for delivering local youth work in multicultural groups including tools that use dance, theatre, music and drawing
• To support spirit of initiative of young people from the local communities involved
• To increase sustainability of local youth work programmes focused on intercultural dialogue
- With regards to the personal development of the EVS volunteers:
• To develop youth work competences of volunteers and ability to transfer best practices from one to another organization
• To increase volunteers’ sprit of initiative and ability to work toward a more inclusive society.
• To understand how to develop quality youth work activities on local, national and International level and to be motivated to act as multipliers.
Activities in CID Macedonia:
- CID Office
The volunteers that are interested in working with the administrative side of the organisation will
have the chance to support the sending coordinator that is working on international sending and
hosting of volunteers in the organisation. The interested volunteer will have opportunity to work on
improving competences in writing calls and promotion online.
- Local Youth Centres
Support local youth workers in organising activities on different topics (creative, drama, activism,
leadership) in multi-ethnic groups. The volunteers will have a chance to learn by directly doing
activities with the local youngsters. By this the volunteers wil have chance to improve competences
in facilitation, organization and also lead their own workshops with the local primary and high
school young people.
- Youth Information
• Youth Info City: Working on development of Youth Info website for the local community, and
promotion of sending opportunities for volunteers
• Youth Online Radio Club:The MultiKulti Youth Radio is an online radio that is being organized
by the young people that are participating on workshops in the youth centres. The programme
is consisted of live and recorded radio shows, debates, specials. The volunteer that will be
interested to participate in the Radio Team will work with the local high-school students on
weekly meetings and also support the technical side of the radio. The volunteer will work on
improving digital, organizational and promotion skills.
- Youth Democracy and Policy
Support the work of newly developed local youth council and work on research and advocacy actions.
Financial Issues:
For all projects the following distribution of finances is proposed:
• 10% of the monthly project costs for the sending organization - if you send a volunteer
to Macedonia this is 44 EUR per month
• 8 % of the costs goes for coordination organization from all activities.
So in total 82 % of the project costs for all activities go to hosting organization - also if you are hosting.
Address: CID – Center for Intercultural Dialogue)
Vera Kotorka 39
1300 Kumanovo
What is the Center for Intercultural Dialogue CID?
The Centre for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is a non-governmental, non-profit youth voluntary organization.
The mission of the Centre for Intercultural Dialogue is to promote and support intercultural understanding and cooperation, as well as youth participation by providing educational and volunteering opportunities and events within youth work.
Center for intercultural dialogue main focus is on young people from diverse religious, ethnic, national and other beliefs who are at the same time creators and beneficiaries of our activities.
Our main target group is university students, secondary school students and recent graduates. CID also works with public administration that works with young people who are often involved in our educational projects and programmes.

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